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Scooter Accident Injury

Electric scooters are all the rage these days. They’re a quick way to get where you’re going, fun to ride and easy to rent.

But scooters are also dangerous.

Since scooters are relatively new to our roads, there are few rules when it comes to navigating traffic and staying safe on busy Atlanta streets. Like bikes, it’s frowned upon to ride scooters on the sidewalk, but it’s less safe to ride in the street. In a busy city like Atlanta, other road travelers aren’t always on the lookout for scooters. The reality is that accidents happen no matter where you decide to ride. Our job at Powell & Associates, a top-rated Atlanta personal injury law firm, is to ensure that you’re covered if you do find yourself with a scooter injury in the Atlanta area.

Common Scooter Accident Injuries and Their Causes

According to the CDC, head injuries account for 45% of accidents related to electric scooters. After head injuries, upper extremity fractures account for 27% of the injuries, while 12% are lower extremity fractures. There aren’t statistics for bumps, bruises or even stitches, but this number is definitely high.

You may have even seen scooter injuries occur on the road or experienced one yourself. Many scooter accidents occur due to uneven road surfaces. One of the biggest causes of scooter accidents are malfunctioning scooters. If your scooter haphazardly turns off, speeds up or slows down and causes an accident, we can help you.

Cars present a big risk to scooter riders, with 18% of scooter accidents involving a motor vehicle. However, the same risk is presented to vehicle drivers. It’s very possible to get vehicle damage from an electronic scooter, from running over a discarded scooter or a reckless scooter operator denting your parked car and leaving the area.

In these cases, it’s reported that the electronic scooter companies oftentimes pay little or nothing to help fix your vehicle. If a scooter caused damage to your vehicle, or caused an accident that gave you an injury, the scooter accident injury lawyers at Powell & Associates are ready to defend your case.

Scooter Safety Precautions

In Atlanta, safety precautions have been set in place based on a few years of hosting electric scooters. Riders must abide by an 8-mph speed limit in certain “reduced speed zones” between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

While it’s not mandated, it is preferred that a helmet is worn while operating electric scooters.

Riders should limit themselves to one person per scooter, as electric scooters are built to support one operator.

Avoid riding an electric scooter at night, and if you do, be sure to bring some sort of reflector or flashing light to warn other travelers that you’re on the road.

Be smart about where you ride; avoid busy roads, active walking trails and one-way roads, and abide by normal traffic laws whenever possible, like traveling the correct way down the street and stopping at stop signs or lights.

Don’t operate a scooter while intoxicated and always keep an eye on friends who may be riding around you.

If you have a feeling your scooter is malfunctioning, get off quickly.

It’s also important to know whom to call if you ever get into an unfortunate scooter accident, like the scooter accident injury law firm of Powell & Associates.

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Since electric scooters are new to the legal world, it’s important to have a team who knows the ins and outs of personal injury law as related to scooters. When you get into a scooter accident, Powell & Associates will listen to every detail of your story and begin building a case to help you get just compensation for injuries, missed work and more.

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