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Every biker knows that motorcycles provide for freedom in traffic and an unparalleled driving experience on the road. However, when a motorcycle is driving next to full-size cars, trucks and SUVs at high speeds, there are risks and dangers involved.

Powell & Associates was founded in Atlanta in 1988. Our founding and lead attorney, Douglas Powell, has more than 40 years of practice experience. Our motorcycle crash attorneys can protect your rights if you or your loved one has sustained accident injuries in a motorcycle accident in Metro Atlanta or the surrounding communities. We want to help you hold negligent drivers accountable for the damage their behavior has caused.

The Dangers Of Motorcycle Accidents

Any seasoned motorcyclist will tell you that there are dangers involved in riding a motorcycle. Statistics through the years prove that motorcycle crashes are more likely to lead to fatalities than victims of car accidents. But you don’t need to see the statistics to realize that a motorcycle is inherently dangerous because its rider is exposed.

Even with a helmet and protective gear, a motorcyclist can still be at a serious risk of injury in a crash. However, at Powell & Associates, our motorcycle accident attorneys believe that you have every right to stay safe on the road. Just because you are riding a motorcycle doesn’t mean that your life and safety should be at risk, other vehicles have a responsibility to watch out for you.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

A lot of motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent driving. Accidents can easily occur when:

  • A car merges into a lane with a motorcycle or fails to respect a motorcycle’s right of way
  • A car changes lanes into a lane with a motorcycle without seeing the motorcycle
  • A car can easily hit a motorcycle from behind if the driver of the car is distracted
  • Faulty equipment like broken taillights or turn signals can contribute to accidents with motorcycles
  • A car that fails to yield or watch out for a motorcycle when turning can cause a serious accident

Without the level of protection of a larger vehicle, motorcyclists do not have the same level of protection on the road as drivers in trucks, sedans or SUVs. Our personal injury lawyers believe that even if you are riding on a motorcycle, other drivers should respect your right to be on the road.

Atlanta Motorcycle Crash Attorneys Fighting For Your Rights

Injuries can be much more serious in an accident. A motorcycle crash can result in life-altering injuries or even a fatality. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or even killed in a motorcycle crash, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the negligent actions of irresponsible motorists.

Our experienced motor vehicle attorneys want to help you seek justice and fight for the compensation you deserve. Our personal injury lawyers also provide compassionate guidance in catastrophic injury or wrongful death cases.

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