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Use These Helpful Tips to Shop Safely During the Pandemic

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2020 | Firm News

During this novel COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all concerned about staying safe in public places. And while many of us our doing our best to limit unnecessary trips to the store, there are still essential shopping outings that just can’t be avoided.

The trusted personal injury and premises liability attorneys at Powell & Associates want to keep all of our Georgia neighbors protected as they venture back out into the world, so when you need to visit the grocery store, pharmacy, or any other Atlanta business, use the following tips to keep yourself as safe and healthy as possible.

Follow CDC and Local Health Guidelines When Shopping

The coronavirus is new, and because there’s still so much to learn about it, it’s best to follow guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and your local and state health officials. According to the infectious disease experts, there are several actions you can take to make your shopping expeditions as safe and comfortable as possible, including:

Wear a mask.

Some stores require you to wear a mask when inside the premises, but even if it’s optional, consider wearing a cloth face mask when out in public places. A mask that properly covers your mouth and nose can help filter out large particles and droplets that could negatively impact your health. Besides giving you additional protection, wearing a face mask is also a way to help prevent passing any infections to people you may come into contact with.

Shorten your shopping window.

Consider shopping at non-peak times, like in the early morning hours or at the very end of the day. These times tend to see less people in the stores, which can give you more space to socially distance as you shop. You should also have a list and plan before you arrive at the store to minimize your time inside and reduce your exposure to germs.

Shop online.

If you can get the products and services you need through online options, consider using them. Many local stores and restaurants offer convenient online ordering, curbside pickup, and at-home delivery services to give you greater peace of mind.


Have sanitizer readily available to clean your hands, vehicle, packages, and anything else that may have been touched during your shopping trip. If you need to use a cart or basket inside the store, be sure to thoroughly wipe it down before you proceed with your shopping.

Maintain social distancing.

Be respectful of other people’s space. When you’re shopping, stay six feet apart from others and follow any one-way aisles or movement plans the store has in place.

Limit what you touch.

Remember that other people have probably touched those same items you’re looking at in the store. Be mindful of what you’re picking up and try to touch only those things that you need.
As a shopper, do your part to promote safe and healthy practices. We’re all in this together, and by following protective guidelines when we enter stores, we can help flatten the curve and keep Atlanta safe.

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