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Tips for Finding the Best Nursing Home During a Pandemic in Atlanta, GA

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Firm News

Let the nursing home and elder abuse attorneys at Powell & Associates in Atlanta, GA, help you find the best Atlanta nursing home or senior care facility for your loved one.

Now more than ever, keeping your loved ones safe and secure in a reputable nursing facility is important. During this historic COVID-19 pandemic, finding the best nursing home requires a little extra patience and research. That’s why the Powell & Associates team has put together some helpful tips to make your search a little easier.

Please read through our tips for finding the best nursing home for a loved one during a pandemic or feel free to contact us for more information. Our experienced nursing home and elder abuse attorneys are here to protect your elderly relatives from personal injury, emotional trauma, financial exploitation, and more, so reach out to Powell & Associates in Atlanta, GA, for your free consultation today.

The Importance of a High-Quality Nursing Home

When it comes to Atlanta nursing homes, there’s a huge difference in quality and care. And during the coronavirus pandemic, nursing homes are seeing infection outbreaks and other signs of poor care in nursing home facilities come to light.

Putting your loved one into a nursing home doesn’t have to end in tragedy. There are plenty of reputable nursing homes out there, and they can have a huge impact on the quality and comfort of their residents’ lives.

In fact, when elderly residents spend time in top-rated nursing homes, they experience:

  • Lower mortality rates
  • Fewer hospital re-admissions
  • Greater social interaction
  • More safety and security
  • Better access to quality health care
  • And more!

The nursing home you choose matters, but Powell & Associates doesn’t want that decision to be overwhelming. Keep reading to find out the specific actions you can take to find the best Atlanta nursing home for your loved one.

Tips for Finding the Best Nursing Home in Metro Atlanta, GA

When you’re searching for the best nursing home, Powell & Associates recommends you look out for the following:

  • Individualized Attention. A top-notch nursing home should pay attention to each individual. By focusing on a resident’s unique needs and characteristics, a nursing home shows respect and provides a happy home-like environment.
  • Ample Staff. A nursing home that’s taking excellent care of its residents should have plenty of professionals. From certified nursing assistants and aides to speech therapists and physicians, a nursing home that’s appropriately staffed can better meet the specific needs of its residents.
  • Flexible Visiting Hours. You deserve to see your loved one as often as possible, and top-tier nursing homes respect that. Look for a nursing home that offers extended visiting hours and convenient schedules.
  • Meaningful Activities. The best nursing homes offer a variety of social, physical, and educational activities to enhance the lives of their residents. Outside activities, off-campus day trips, and fun interactions can make living in a nursing home a truly enriching and pleasant experience.

When researching a nursing home, consider all the critical factors and don’t hesitate to directly contact the facility. Even if you can’t make an in-person visit due to the pandemic, you can still ask questions and ask for a virtual tour.

You can also research a prospective nursing home online to find reviews, ratings, and inspection results.

Powell & Associates wants your loved one to be protected, and we hope you can find a nursing home that exceeds all your expectations!

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