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Common Nursing Home Abuse Injuries in Atlanta, Georgia

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With over three million Americans living in nursing homes today, the standard for elderly care is rightfully higher than ever. If you have a loved one in an Atlanta nursing home, or if you work in a nursing home or even live in one yourself, you understand the stress that comes with finding the right residence. Along with adequate meals, comfortable lodging and social stimulation, safety is perhaps the top priority when choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one.

If you believe you or someone you know is suffering physical abuse in an Atlanta nursing home, get help now. Contact the experienced nursing home abuse lawyers at Powell & Associates in Atlanta, Georgia. Our team is dedicated to getting you or a loved one just compensation for nursing home abuse injuries.

Types of Physical Abuse in Atlanta Nursing Homes

Physical abuse in nursing homes can look different in a variety of ways. Caregivers employed by the nursing home are the most likely abusers, but nursing home abuse can also be committed by visiting family members or even other residents.

Abuse by Other Residents in Atlanta Nursing Homes

Abuse by a fellow resident accounts for roughly 20% of nursing home abuse and is likely to go unreported. It’s up to the nursing home caregivers and staff to monitor in-house relationships and take any allegations seriously.

Caregiver Abuse in Atlanta Nursing Homes

Abuse by caregivers may not always be intentional. Lack of training can often lead to caregivers being too rough with residents or failing to provide essential care.

Intentional abuse is unfortunately not unheard of, however. Caregivers may actively abuse a resident, meaning they’re pushing, slapping, punching, kicking or exerting some unnecessary physical force onto your loved one.

Physical neglect is also an issue in nursing homes; caregivers may not provide adequate food, sanitation, medication and more.

Regardless of the intent, abuse by caregivers can be fatal.

Nursing Home Abuse From Visitors and Family Members

Nursing home abuse by family members is complicated for the residence, as families come with all kinds of dynamics. Oftentimes, the elderly resident has a history of being the abuser, leading family to take advantage of the vulnerability in their old age. Like resident-to-resident abuse, in this case it is the nursing home’s responsibility to be an advocate for the resident and stay in tune with warning signs of family abuse.

Warning Signs of Physical Abuse in Atlanta Nursing Homes

Physical abuse is one of the easiest types of abuse to spot if you know the signs. Unexplained bruises, fractured or broken bones, recurring injuries or falling, sudden weight loss and poor personal hygiene are among some of the exterior signs of abuse.

Pay attention to how a resident is acting as well. If he or she is more introverted than usual, reverting to behavior that may signal they aren’t taking their medicine or refusing visits from family, these may be signs something is not right.

When you visit the nursing home, take note of how the staff interacts with you and the resident. If they refuse to leave you alone together, it may be a sign they don’t want you having a private conversation.

Whether or not a nursing home resident is typically in sound mind, don’t disregard anything he or she may disclose to you. If you have a feeling abuse may be occurring in the nursing home, don’t hesitate to immediately launch an investigation.

Contact Powell and Associates in Atlanta About a Nursing Home Abuse Case

Physical abuse in any situation is never tolerated, especially when it comes to defenseless residents in a nursing home. If you or a loved one has been a victim of physical nursing home abuse, contact the law firm of Powell & Associates in Atlanta.

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