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Winter Safety in Atlanta

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | Firm News

As the temperatures continue to drop in Metro Atlanta, it’s important to be prepared for unusual winter driving conditions. Keeping your vehicle prepared for winter weather and being prepared to drive on during seasonal conditions are important part of preparations.

Learn about our top tips for staying safe during the winter months while you commute this winter season.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

While you may not need to prepare your vehicle for winter weather while at your home, it’s important to prepare your vehicle for your commute or holiday travels. By winterizing your vehicle you’re preparing for conditions that can change the course of your day in an instant.

Here are our top tips for winterizing your vehicle before you hit the road:

Retain a Winter Emergency Kit

Keep a Winter Emergency Kit in your vehicle. This would include items that can help you in the case of an emergency. The kit could include: flashlight, emergency blanket, extra pairs of gloves, ice scraper, or even sand to help with traction in icy conditions.

Top Off All Fluids in Your Vehicle

There’s nothing worse than not having your routine oil change or fluid maintenance and then getting stuck during inclement weather. By keeping up on your regular oil changes and fluid maintenance, such as antifreeze, engine coolant, wiper fluid, there’s less of a chance that regular maintenance would be the cause of car trouble.

Also remember to keep enough gas in your tank so that your gas line doesn’t freeze. If you keep less than a quarter tank of gas in your vehicle, you may be at risk for the gas line to freeze during cold weather.

Check Your Tires & Tire Tread

Keeping your tires in good condition when the roads get icy and the weather inclement is going to be an essential part of winterizing your vehicle. Older tires need to be regularly checked for their tire tread to ensure that your tires are in good condition.

If you are unsure about the existing tire tread on your vehicle, consider getting new tires that will keep you safe as you travel during the winter months.

Winter Weather Travel on the Roads

Driving on icy or wet roads can be dangerous during the winter months. When you’re commuting in Metro Atlanta, stay safe with these tips for driving during inclement weather:

  • Avoid driving when you’re fatigued. Your responses to anything on the road will be delayed, it’s better to stay where you are until you’re in a good condition to drive.
  • Do not use your cruise control in inclement weather. It will increase any risks while you’re on the road, especially during winter weather.
  • When braking, do not panic if you rough roadway. It’s likely your vehicle has ABS (anti-brake system) so just lean into the brake and steadily steer through the snowy or icy road.
  • The normal 3-4 seconds following rule when you’re behind another vehicle should be extended to 8-10 seconds because the roads are icy or snowy.

Those are just several safety tips to help you commute safely during the winter months in metro Atlanta.

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