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Tailgating Safety Tips in Atlanta

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2018 | Firm News

With college football and the NFL seasons upon us, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy pregame festivities in the Atlanta and Athens area. It’s time to get the grills out, throw the football back and forth, and enjoy a few beers in the parking lot with your friends.

Here at Powell & Associates, we want to remind you that having fun while tailgating comes with responsibilities, and it’s important to take the proper safety precautions so everyone has fun before and after the game. Knowing the laws and your responsibilities can make tailgating all the more fun.

Open Container Laws

There is plenty of time to tailgate and have fun before kickoff, so there’s no reason to start early. In Georgia, it is illegal to consume or even possess an open alcoholic beverage in the front or rear passenger areas of cars, trucks and SUVs. If you are a minor or a driver, these laws are even more harsh, resulting in suspended licenses or worse.

If you are meeting friends at a tailgate, consider taking a van, bus or taxi service, where often times open container laws are an exception (depending on company policy of course). Arrive safely, soundly, and most importantly, free of open alcohol containers, so you can enjoy your tailgate to the fullest.

Know Your Equipment

One of the keys to a successful tailgate is a good grill and a master griller. That being said, don’t forget that ignoring the proper precautions with your grill can lead to accidents or injuries with your guests. If you’re using a charcoal grill be sure to let the coals cool down before breaking down the grill and putting it back in your car.

If you are hosting the tailgate and doing the grilling, bring a fire extinguisher, and even a first aid kit, to limit your liability and be prepared for any unexpected flames. If your using a gas grill, be sure all hoses and valves are turned off. The same can go for any extra supplies or trash. Be sure they are out of plain view and you can see any loose bottle or debris to prevent you or your guests driving over them or having their vision impaired.

Designate a Driver

There’s no denying the biggest aspect of a tailgate is the drinking that goes on during it. Whether it’s beers or Bloody Marys on Saturday or Sunday morning before kickoff, it’s important to know your limits.

Designate a driver to ensure everyone gets home safely after the game. If you’re worried that you can’t drive, most stadiums and concert venues have Uber or Lyft stations making ride-sharing easier than ever. It’s ok to have fun, it’s not ok to drink and drive. It not only puts your safety at risk, but everyone on the road around you as well.

Following Safety Tips for a Fun Tailgate

The Georgia Bulldogs are ready to go between the hedges. The Atlanta Falcons are ready to rise up. And the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are ready to buzz. That means there are plenty of tailgates to go around for the fall in Atlanta.

Powell & Associates, Atlanta’s top accident attorneys, want you to enjoy this football and concert season with lively and fun tailgates, all while making sure you avoid any accidents or worse, violations of the law. Don’t drive with open containers, use proper precaution with your grills and equipment, and designate a driver. It’s a simple recipe for tailgate success in Atlanta!