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How to Handle a Workers’ Comp Claim Step by Step

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | Firm News

If you’ve been injured on the job, there is a certain process that you need to take in order to receive workers’ compensation.

Following an injury on the job, you probably have a lot of questions. Dealing with the aftermath of a workplace accident can be incredibly frustrating. You may even find navigating workers’ compensation in Georgia can be overwhelming.

At Powell & Associates, we realize that filing for workers’ compensation can be a challenge in Georgia. While it’s always important to discuss your case with an experienced Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer, here are some important steps to take to handle a workers’ comp claim.

Steps for Workers’ Comp Claims in Georgia

1. Report your injury to your employer

If you get hurt at work, it’s important to inform your employer as soon as possible. It’s likely that your employer will have paperwork that you need to fill out. It will include details such as when, where, and how your injury occurred.

2. Keep Records of the Accident

For your workers’ comp claim, you’ll want to keep specific details of the accident for your own record. It’s best to try and record the details of the accident immediately afterwards, if possible, to get the most accurate recap.

3. Identify Potential Witnesses

If there were other employees that witnessed your accident, be sure to get the names and contact information for those potential witnesses. This will be crucial for your workers’ comp case.

4. Visit the Doctor

Following a workplace accident, it’s important to see a doctor and receive treatment for your injuries. A doctor should perform a medical examination and include information about your injuries.

5. Save any Receipts

Georgia workers’ are entitled to reimbursement for trips to doctors’ offices, pharmacies, and physical therapy facilities. Saving your receipts is crucial to filing a workers’ compensation claim.

6. Be Wary of Insurance Companies

Following a workplace injury, it’s important to cooperate with insurance companies, but you’ll want an experienced workers’ comp lawyer on your side. You won’t want to give a recorded statement to the insurance company without having a professional review your statement. In some cases, specific language that you use could be misinterpreted and could hurt your case.

7. Hire an Attorney

To get the full compensation you deserve for your workers’ comp case, hire a dedicated workers’ comp lawyer in Georgia. At Powell & Associates, we are proud to have over 96 years of collective experience in personal injury and workers’ comp cases. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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