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Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2017 | Firm News

After a car accident, many people experience moderate to severe injuries, and they may not even be aware at first.

The sudden stop and abrupt force can result in a number of painful injuries. Drivers can hit their heads, bang their arms, or even cut themselves on broken glass. 2.31 million people reported an injury from a car accident in the United States in just 2013.

Although depending on the kind of accident and location of the passenger, there are a number of common injuries associated with car accidents.


Concussions are common when a car passenger hits their head on a part of the vehicle. A concussion is where the brain shakes suddenly from an impactful blow to the head. Many people who suffer concussions experience serious consequences, including cognitive impairment, memory loss, and headaches.

Back Injury

Any sudden impact from another vehicle can cause critical stress on muscles, ligaments, and nerves in a person’s back. Some victims have to be wheeled out on a stretcher from a damaged vertebrae. Unfortunately, some passengers experience partial or complete paralysis from an auto accident.


An auto accident can result in a harsh whip of a person’s head from their neck known as whiplash. It’s the most common auto injury on our list, and it damages both the bone and tissue. Many people who have experienced whiplash complain about severe neck pain, headaches, and fatigue. If nerves are damaged in the neck, some victims experience arm or back pain.


Many people in auto accidents pinch a nerve in an area of their body. Whether it’s a nerve in the neck, back, or arm, a sufferer can experience numbness from the injury. Common numb areas include: hands, feet, arms, or legs. A thorough consultation with a physician is advised to figure out the root of the numbness and find a practical solution.

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